Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

Privacy is of utmost importance at the website Wellness Balancing Mind and Body,  URL- Here’s a detailed breakdown of our privacy policy to ensure transparency and safeguard your information.

Introduction to Privacy Policy

At, we prioritize the privacy of our visitors and users. This policy outlines the types of information we collect and how it’s utilized.

What Information We Collect

Personal Information

We may collect personal details like name, email address, or contact information voluntarily provided by users for subscriptions, newsletters, or inquiries.

Non-Personal Information

Non-personal information such as browser details, IP addresses, or device information might be automatically collected to enhance user experience and website functionality.

How We Use Collected Information

Purpose of Information Collection

The information collected is used to personalize user experience, improve our services, respond to inquiries, and send relevant updates.

Protection of Information

We employ strict measures to protect user data, ensuring it’s not misused, disclosed, or accessed without authorization.

Third-Party Links and Services

External Links might contain links to external websites. Please note that we do not control or endorse the content or privacy policies of these third-party sites.

Partner Services

Some services or content may be provided through third-party partnerships, subject to their respective privacy policies.

Data Security Measures

Security Protocols

We implement security protocols, encryption, and secure server technologies to safeguard user information from unauthorized access or breaches.

Confidentiality Measures

User information, both personal and non-personal, is treated with utmost confidentiality and is accessible only to authorized personnel.

User Control and Choices

Accessing and Modifying Information

Users have the right to access, modify, or delete their personal information stored on by contacting us directly.

Opting Out

Users can opt-out of receiving future communications or unsubscribe from our services at any time., regarding privacy policies aligned with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), CPRA (California Privacy Rights Act), and LGPD (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados – Brazil’s General Data Protection Law):

  1. Data Collection and Usage: At, we collect minimal personal information, such as email addresses for newsletter subscriptions or contact forms for inquiries. We solely use this information to deliver requested services, provide tailored content, and communicate updates on health-related topics. We adhere strictly to the guidelines set forth by GDPR, CPRA, and LGPD, ensuring transparent data collection practices and obtaining explicit consent before processing any personal information.

  2. Data Security Measures: The security of our users’ data is paramount. employs industry-standard encryption protocols, secure server infrastructure, and regular security audits to safeguard any personal information collected. We commit to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data, adhering to the stringent security measures mandated by GDPR, CPRA, and LGPD.

  3. User Rights and Control: We respect your rights over your personal data. As per GDPR, CPRA, and LGPD regulations, users retain control over their information. Visitors to have the right to access, modify, or delete their data, and they can exercise these rights by contacting our designated Data Protection Officer. Additionally, we provide clear opt-out mechanisms for any marketing communications and ensure transparent policies regarding data retention and processing.

Policy Changes and Updates

Notification of Changes

Any updates or modifications to our privacy policy will be communicated through our website. By using, users acknowledge and agree to these policies.


At, we value your privacy and strive to maintain transparency and security in handling your information.


Q: Can I request the deletion of my personal information from your records?

A: Yes, users can request the deletion of their personal information by contacting us.

Q: Are my browsing activities tracked on

A: We may collect non-personal information for analytics and website improvement purposes.

Q: How often do you update your privacy policy?

A: We update our policy periodically to ensure compliance and reflect any changes in data handling practices.

Q: Will my data be disclosed to external entities?

A: We do not sell, trade, or share personal information with external parties without user consent unless required by law.

Q: How can I contact regarding privacy concerns?

A: Users can reach out to us through our contact page for any privacy-related queries or concerns.